Wednesday, 17 July 2013

LIST OF JOB AVALIABLE COMPANY AND     GOVERMENT IN MCA STUDENT:                                    

Master of Computer Applications-
MCA is the one of the post graduate degree course of study and this course offers more career
prospects.MCA course is generally done after completing your graduation course of study.      This course mainly deals with the subjects to gain    knowledge in the   
           *Data basemanagement,                                              
           *Algorithm Design
           * Mobile technologies
           *network management
           *project management,etc...
After completing your MCA course of study you will be finding the jobs in the areas of the
            *software and hardware
            *research and development
            *services and applications,etc...
These are some of the areas where the MCA graduates can apply jobs for....
There are many companies which are available for the MCA Graduates and some of the
organisations available are...
There are also many software industries which are available and some of the software companies
available are...

These are some of the IT Companies which are available for the MCA Graduates....

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